Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Upcycle, recycle,or repurpose your old jewelry!

What to do with your old jewelry? Of course some pieces are treasures from family and friends, or reminders of important events in our lives. But what about the fashion jewelry, or unloved gifts that were received over the years? Or even the boxes of junk jewelry from grandma or your old aunties. At first glance, these trashy bits should be dumped, but don't dump them, give them to me. Or better still, bring them to me and we can create something new together. Bits of gold and silver can be melted down, and worked into new anything, and the costume jewelry can be taken apart and salvaged for the clasps, or jump rings or interesting bits.

II was inspired a few years ago by radical jewelry makeover, an amazing art project that connects jewelry students with their community. The public donates unwanted jewelry, the students then sort through the piles of metal, plastic, enamel, shells, beads, stones, etc, and create new and unique jewelry. The doners then pick new jewelry. A very interesting trade off.
I have my own version this. Students or customers come to my workshop with their unwanted jewelry, and we create NEW JEWELRY together. I love the sharing experience and they love learning new skills and getting new jewels!
 something fresh and new

Please contact me if you are interested in donating, just follow my blog and leave a comment


Jaipur Gemstones said...

Great idea for the Jewelry. I do like this piece very much.

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Anonymous said...

Wow you are soooo clever - I love your stuff - I travel a lot and get to see a lot but your stuff is really unique. I have done some jewellery classes with you and you are an amazing teacher - you really know your stuff