Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bijoux Commémorative

Much time has passed since my last big jewelery happening. Lots of things going on, and lots of ideas running in many directions.
Since the start of 2009, I've been thinking of how to bring more great jewelery to my part of the Pacific. So this is it...
a group exposition on the theme of....
Now this title or theme is to be taken in a very large sense. Commemorate anything, personal, impersonal, local, international, a historical event, real or imaginary, the past or the future.
And jewelery is a big word also to be taken in any way imaginable.
Play with these words, and create. In any material imaginable. I will probably be the only jeweler-metal smith involved, but many talented, creative people have already confirmed their spot in this event.
New Caledonia is a great place for artists. There is a lot of freedom to organize whatever you want. So, since my odd-ball addiction to amazing jewelery, wearable or not, commercial-more or less, or not at all, has not gone away after all these years, I'm trying to spread the word and the joy of jewelery.
The date for all this is April 2010. The place is a wonderful open minded and progressive gallery in downtown Nouméa called 11 et demi. (eleven and one half)
There is still space open for any person who feels inspired by this call. Please contact me.