Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Douce Inspirations Softie Mania!

Soft Inspirations

That was the name of an exhibition/sale of softies put togethet by myself and three freinds. The idea came about because we were getting together once a month for a crafternoon. That was fun, even though it was hard for everyone to make it. The idea was that each month or so, someone different would introduce/demonstrate a new technique or craft. We did some silk screening, some silver pendants with mini collages covered with resin, then we got stuck on softies. We were just going crazy making all sorts of softies. So we said, why not really make a bunch and have a sale. So we did. We decided to motivate the public by giving a softies away to a women's refuge here in Noumea. This refuge, the A.E.S. Bethanie, works with women who have very young children.
The sale went well.The kids at the refuge were thrilled. A lot of work in the organizing and communication. It was fun, but I think in the future I'll stick to selling jewelry and just make softies for my sweeties and freinds. The softies in the first picture are my creations.