Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here are a few pieces from the show BIJOUX COMMEMORATIVE

Médaille en Chocolate by Fabrice Ballay

Géométrie Variable, quartz blanc, pierre volcanic, chrome de fer, inox, laiton, bronze
by AKA
Lamp Number One by Franck ChanSan
Aude Wetterwald

Priére d'une addiction by Anne Laure Lagabrielle

Vinyl revisited by Anne Afendikov

Bijou de Famille by Nhu Machu

This piece is for Henry by Shelley Cavanaugh

Sensory Souvenir Brooches by Lydie Gardet

Adolescence by Laurence Lagabrielle

The Twins by Angelique Nicol

The False Path To Yellow Gold by Kris Bourcier