Monday, November 1, 2010


I've got some catching up to do, so we'll start with July.
The local association Homo-Sphere organized another art exhibition this year to correspond with the international fight against homophobia day. This years title and theme was
I thought this was a very daring and provocative subject. I was raised as a Catholic, so I thought I would do some reserch into what the Catholic church really thinks about homosexuality. Interestingly, homosexuals are allowed into the church and can participate in the mass, as long as they are not participating in any homosexual physical activity. I thought that was kind of a difficult place for someone to be in. The funny thing is that all Catholics are supposed to be practising chastity. Sexual intercourse for the sole purpose of making new baby Catholics. And how many babies can a woman actually have, 10 or so max. That would be a long life trying not to think about sex. But then basically all religions function in the same way. The Islamic and Judaic doctrines are basically the same. Not sex just for fun, enjoyment, pleasure, destressing...
So my reaction to all of this information was to create a chastity belt. Luckily I'm not religious in any way or else I would definetly have to wear one of these things to keep me on the staight and narrow path.
Anyway, the expo was a success with a lot of student work and work from some of the young people in the homosphere association. Local discussion groups where also organized, to talk about the Christian faith's views on the subject.

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