Tuesday, September 8, 2009

River Rocks

I've been on a real "out with the old and in with the new kick". Lots of new work, and new displays for the upcoming Festival des Femmes Funk (funky women's music festival), October 2,3,4, and 5th. The only real festival in NC, where I can show and sell my work. I love being out in the open and talking jewelery non-stop for four days. I even do a small hands-on workshop. Great fun!

Here are some new old rock pieces that will be staying around.


Weeks Ringle said...

Hi Kris,

So nice to get to see your work after having heard about it for so many years. I only wish that you told and showed us a bit more about where you live because I'm sure it would be of interest to your readers and help them connect the dots as to how and why you would be doing exhibitions in New Caledonia, because many Americans would think that NC means North Carolina! Anyway, best wishes!

kris said...

Hi Weeks, I have also heard lots about you, and I know you are a great influence on my dear mom.
Read on down through my other posts and you'll will get a bit of info about New Caledonia. But to really go into I'd need to write a book, or five. These Caledonians surprise me every day. i'll try to rememeber I'm talking to the whole wide world out there, and not just our corner.
thanks for your comment