Tuesday, June 23, 2009

C'est pas du luxe

In 2008 I organized, with the help of many talented people, the first contemporary art jewelery exhibition in New Caledonia. The title of the show was "C'est pas du luxe" and it took place at a great little gallery called Onze et Demi. The phrase "c'est pas du luxe" has two meanings. Literally it means - it is not a luxury. The second meaning is a play on words which means rather, it's a necessity. Example: C'est pas du luxe to buy new shoes if your old ones have holes in them. We used this term in two ways, first of all referencing the fact that in our jewelery exhibition many unconventional and non-precious materials where used, and secondly to put forward the idea that it was fine time that New Caledonia started thinking about contemporary art jewelery. We formed a group of eight artists from completely different backgrounds.

posted are a few examples of the work I did for this exhibition

Japanese river rocks and variations of...

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